The bus that never comes…

StockSnap_F9EVIIW6SLAh, public transport. Super efficient, convenient and generally awesome, am I right? As it turns out… no. No I am not. At least not all the time. Waiting for your ride is no fun at the best of times. Waiting in the cold and rain, or when you are running late for an important appointment? Well, that’s just downright infuriating.

I hate being late. Rushing to an appointment or running through the airport to board a plane ranks up there with visiting the dentist or getting a tetanus shot. Despite having given myself 50 minutes to make the 20 minute trip into the city for my appointment at the alien office, I was left stranded by a no-show bus and ended up being half an hour late as I burst into the alien office (at which point I was rather disappointed at the lack of probing on the list of services offered) apologizing profusely. They didn’t seem to mind my tardiness, to my surprise and relief.

Speaking of public transport, I (much to the amusement of my colleagues) did not realize that one has to push the red buttons in the bus/tram to ensure a stop at the next station. I initially thought the buttons were emergency stop signals, kind of like the buttons provided to patients in hospitals. I have yet to encounter a bus trip where the driver did not stop at every station, but hey, maybe it happens. Something that still baffles me is the sight of people leaning on the button as though they will open the doors themselves if they only push hard or for long enough (I have yet to see this tactic actually accomplish anything), which is particularly strange when the next stop is either the central station or the final stop on the route.

More public transport woes are sure to follow, so stay tuned!


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